Building Sciences

Consulting Engineers

Field inspections and time-sensitive reports identify potential areas of environmental concern.  Assessments are quantified by testing the subsurface conditions, air quality, and laboratory testing of samples. Solutions are provided to mitigate risks. Any known contamination impacts can then be remediated.
Pillar Engineering provides assessment and design of building envelopes for existing buildings and new developments.  Our evaluation methods determine the current condition of a building, including analysis of building materials, moisture or air leakage issues, or specific concerns in a certain area.
Feasibility studies, pre-design consultation and design phase review of drawings and specifications are critical steps to ensuring a successful project.  The team of professional engineers at Pillar Engineering can identify and analyze potential risks, improve efficiency and reduce liability, adding true value to the final product.

Structural Engineering

Pillar Engineering & Inspection Ltd. was founded in 1998 and has become a leading provider of Engineering Services in southern Alberta. Pillar Engineering provides Hazardous Material Assessments, Air Quality Assessments, Building Inspections, Structural Engineering & Evaluations, Environmental Consulting Services, Project Management, and Flood Abatement Consulting Services.  Principal offices are located in Calgary, Alberta.
The structural design and integrity of an entire system requires in-depth knowledge and experience of both static and dynamic loading, and the structures available to resist them.  Sound engineering practices ensure that complex modern structures are able to support and resist the loads they are subjected to.  Our structural engineers have a broad understanding of different materials, systems and methodologies.  Through the creative manipulation of construction materials and forms, combined with the underlying scientific and mathematic principles, our structural designs and solutions ensure practical buildability and restoration, adherence to safety requirements and satisfaction of architectural criteria.
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